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Did I See You At Festival X?

Electronic Music Australia ep.34 aired 22 November 2022

Not going to lie, it felt good to be at my first festival since Monegros in Spain waaaay back in July! Did you see me in my brand new Electronic Music Australia t-shirt prototype? Ah well, maybe next time!

HIghlights from the day included sets from incredible Anna Lunoe and local legend Lowdown. Sadly, the locals stage was removed from the lineup at the last minute. Nonetheless, I caught up with lots of friends and even ran into Rabbits On Saturn (Alex) who has previously featured at the show. How good!

I'm keeping it very short and simple today as there's a tonne going on behind the scenes here at EMA that I'm working very hard on.

Just quickly though, while there are loads of great tracks on this episode, I wanted to call out Congrad Greenleaf's 'Mount Analogue' which is the last track of the hour. Sometimes a track just really moves me, and this is one of those tracks. For me, it evokes images of some exotic location, the relaxation and freedom of being on holiday overseas, without any worries, crystal blue waters, slow motion driving scenes in a convertible car perhaps... 'Mount Analogue' is off Conrad Greenleaf's second ambient album called 'Dreamtape'.

Listen to EMA episode 34 here.

I'm still recieving some great music submissions through the website, so thank you very much to those of you who are using the submissions page. You can also request songs, or send me news articles about electronic music events, new music releases or other electronic music matters you think I should know about via the contact form.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night at 2300 AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro.

Until next time,

Ky Mi x


  1. Gryff – Waiting Up

  2. Damo Cox – Wasting Time

  3. Friendless – All Go (Original Mix)

  4. Poxy Music – Our Break

  5. Dysphemic – SWAMP SHIP

  6. Skeler – You and Me

  7. Lithe – Annan

  8. Reflex Blue – Digital Dreams

  9. Harrison Downes AKA Kase Kochen – Breaching The Carapace (Electrypnose's Knight Rider Remix)

  10. STÜM – Telepathy

  11. Conrad Greenleaf – Mount Analogue


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