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Forest to Concrete Jungle

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.45 & 46 aired 7 & 14 February 2023

Sometimes you just have to switch off, put your feet on the grass, and listen to the sounds of the cicadas. And that is exactly what I did the week of February 7th. From the base of Mount Warning (Wollumbin), I found a deep sense of peace and reconnection with the earth. Sleeping out by the gently flowing creek and waking up with the birds was a blissful reprieve from our tech-heavy and busy regular lives. In a stark contrast, last week I found myself in Sydney, a city full of noise and colour in preparation for Pride celebrations. High rises and city lights dominated a busy few days of work, meetings, and gigs!

So this is why I am delivering not one, but two episodes of EMA now.

Joey Tuckshop's "Chug" kicked off episode 45. Do yourself a favour and go check out Joey's video for this track; it's outrageously good! DJ & producer Tseba brings us 'Smile', an upbeat feel-good house track with disco and global dance elements that has a lovely positive message in these times when it's easy to lose track of what's good. You'll be singing along to "Don't forget about the good times | the ones that made you smile!" in no time. From Victoria, Dual Manner brings together indie-pop vocal stylings and dark dance with "Start Again." "See You Later (Un4Get Revamp)" by King IV has a very appealing industrial sound. She's been described as 'Australia's Grimes', but seriously, I don't think we need to try to benchmark off international artists; she's doing very cool things with her own sound. Make sure you check her out! A new genre for EMA was introduced in this episode: Afro Dancehall with Sazzie Alile's feel-good tune "Party Don Set," which he wrote to get people back to the clubs and dancing.

Listen to episode 45 here, on Rumble or a censored version on YouTube.

Valentine's Day—does anyone actually like it? Singles don't, and honestly, I'm not convinced that people in relationships do either. There appears to be a lot of pressure to force romance, which is completely unromantic if you ask me. But if it's your thing, then I hope you enjoyed it. Episode 46 of EMA might even have been your Valentine's Night soundtrack. You would have heard the gorgous "epilogue" from Indian-born Australian producer Diveakssh Schae. Based in Brisbane but living somewhat nomadically, Diveakssh designs music for film and theatre projects and travelled through Australia to make his debut album, "Moments of Clarity," which is out now. It's been described as "music to dream to." I hope you enjoy "Epilogue" as much as I do.

One to watch: FRAN is a producer and singer-songwriter from Western Australia. "I Found You" featured on the show and is a pretty fitting track for Valentine's Day, capturing all the joy of romantic love within a housey groove.

Listen to episode 46 here, on Rumble or a censored version on YouTube.

I've posted a few episodes of EMA from 2023 up on YouTube but continued problems with copyright means that I have to mute out songs. The best place to listen to the show currently is SoundCloud so I really appreciate you joining me over there. Otherwise, I have recently started to upload onto Rumble, I don't know too much about this platform and suspect that in time it will have the same issues as YouTube. While I totally understand and want artists to be duly compensated for their work, as a channel / program that is trying to give more exposure to said artists, it's super frustrating to find entire episodes blocked due to one track having a copyright problem. So I do appreciate you listening on platforms like SoundCloud that are currently allowing the show to go up without problems. Hopefully I didn't just curse myself there.

Thanks heaps for your support, the Feb guest mix will be the next upload from the incredible Husky so watch this space and don't forget to tune in next week on Tuesday night at 11pm AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro for another hour of fresh and delightful Aussie tunes.


Ky Mi x


Playlist (45)

  1. Joey Tuckshop - Chug

  2. Dasvibes - Stickmen Toys Rock

  3. TyDi – Is It Cold (Baby Gee Remix)

  4. Daniel Cuda – The Island

  5. Ben Miller – Close To Me (Radio Mix)

  6. Tseba – Smile (feat. JAM)

  7. Tom Budin – Flying Again ft. Tom Fubl+¬ (Radio Mix)

  8. Dual Manner – Start Again

  9. GURPAAL – Let Me Go (Original Mix)

  10. Romy AND Fred again - Strong ft. Fred Again (Pretty Girl Remix)

  11. King IV - See You Later (Un4Get Revamp)

  12. Sazzy Alile - PARTY DON SET

  13. The Lunar Society - Just A Little Bit feat. Phoebe Olivia

  14. Yolanda Be Cool - Tiger Stripes

  15. Lowdown – Dreamer

  16. Lo’99 – Bumpin’ (Radio Edit)

Playlist (46)

  1. Diveakssh Schae – epilogue

  2. Fran – I Found You

  3. Katie Underwood – Feel So Good (Jamie Stevens & Anthony Pappa Remix)

  4. FLUIR – Lies (Radio Edit)

  5. Arty Ziff – Rockstar (Feat. Lemonade Baby)

  6. Nicole Millar – hugs

  7. Dave Machine – Chucka

  8. Sonic Animation – I’m a DJ (2002)

  9. Simon Space – Freakanomix

  10. Mel Blue – Best Me

  11. Zoura DS – Let It Slide (Original Mix)

  12. Needs No Sleep – The Player (Extended Mix)

  13. Stace Cadet – Light Me Up (Tommy Trash Dub)


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