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Frangipanis And Dog Poop

Electronic Music Australia ep.35 aired 29 November 2022

Summer is in the air! And as I carefully navigate my way through the various land mines left behind by so many influencers French Bull Dogs to get to the gleaming beaches of the Gold Coast I have a bounce in my step. Summer is finally here. Festivals, fun, friends, other things that start with the letter 'f'... wait, not THAT 'f'... all I mean is all the good things that are associated with Summer, we deserve that don't we? Sans natural disasters, extreme weather events, pandemics or anything else that could bring down our high vibes - amirite? That said, it's a gloomy and unseasonably cold December day as I write this. Perhaps I spoke too soon...

Featured artist YZMIKH. Image supplied by David Wyeth

The featured artist this episode is Brisbane born and raised YZMIKH (David Wyeth). Producing for around a decade now, he's dabbled in all genres but has released predominandly Dub Step and Drum and Bass. At the tender age of 25, he is also one half of independent record label COVET DNB. YZMIKH and I had an epic two hour long chat about all things music, DNB, travel, Brisbane, art, and more, which you won't hear partly because I forgot to record a good portion of it, and the rest I had to cut it down to about three minutes for the show! HA! Needless to say David is an artist with a great vision, purpose and extreme talent. We've featured three of his tracks, 'Everything' with another Brisbane artist Mudgumbo, 'Do it', and 'Data Pad' another collab with Xenolyth. This is some seriously good DnB, fam so I hope you enjoy it! Make sure you show some love to YZMIKH, he's got a bunch of tracks on his SoundCloud available as FREE DOWNLOADS so be sure to check that out. Here' s the link to all his links!

Listen to EMA episode 35 here or on Mixcloud

Other notable mentions this week, new music from Gold Coast local Graham Dunn with his tongue twister Foolproof Crockpot (well maybe it was just me struggling with saying it on air). You can catch Graham Dunn supporting Mark Dynamix at Saturday Social this weekend. Sydney artist Che Jose also returns to EMA this week with his Progressive House anthem 'Andromeda' which has enjoyed several weeks of Beatport chart success to date.

I've also thrown an epic remix of previously featured artist Rabbits On Saturn's 'Night Time Mechanics'. This remix is from Brisbane artist Venus Vision. Speaking of Rabbits On Saturn, did I mention I bumped into him last weekend? More accurately, he found us because we were wearing our brand new prototype EMA t-shirts. If you are interested in a tee, let me know as if people are keen, I will get a few printed up.

The people you run in to! DJ/Producers Damo Cox and Rabbits On Saturn at Festival X

Next week on EMA is this months guest mix - WHO WILL IT BE?! Tune in on Tuesday, December 6 at 11pm AEST to find out.

Keep on shining,

Ky Mi x


  1. Dukes of Windsor, TV Rock – The Others

  2. Seeing Double – The One I Love (Original Mix)

  3. Ben Miller – Tell Me feat Yogi (Original Mix)

  4. Che Jose – Andromeda

  5. Rabbits On Saturn – Night Time Mechanics (Venus Vision Remix)

  6. YZMIKH & Mudgumbo – Everything

  7. YZMIKH – Do it

  8. YZMIKH & Xenolyth – Data Pad

  9. JackSmart - Artificial Voices

  10. Graham Dunn – Foolproof Crockpot (Original Mix)


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