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Happy Endings

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.26 aired 2 September 2022

In 2014 I moved from a caravan hidden deep in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to a high-rise apartment in Sydney with my work colleague Amy. We really were two country girls in the big city. Our First night at in our new apartment we watched in awe as base jumpers flew from the building across from ours and took off on motorbikes like Batman, real bad assess, never to be seen again. We were sold, city life was for us!

Our building conveniently had a massage parlor located its base. Our own massage parlor in the building, how good. We took ourselves over after work one day to grab a menu. We opened the door to a bewildered looking woman at the front desk, and an embarrassed looking man at the counter. Still, naïve as we were, we asked for a brochure. The bewildered woman’s face twisted into horror “No brochure! No brochure!” she screamed. 'How rude!' we exclaimed as we promptly left. Slowly, the pieces fell into place. The neon sign out the front, the embarrassed man, the bewildered woman…this was no ordinary massage parlor… Confirmed with a quick Google search, our conveniently located massage parlor was indeed a brothel. Of course, you figured that out a lot quicker than we did. We headed to a legitimate massage palour nearby, which was ironically named "Wangs".

We were like Thelma and Louise, two peas in a pod, just doing random and weird things like bringing home an inflatable boxing bag, wearing black angel wings to dinner and jumping around on Amy’s giant brown lounges to loud music.

Pyjamas with angel wings, Sydney 2014.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I've dedicated the first track in this episode to Amy, it's the Peking Duk Chili Bamboo Remix of 'Tailand' from German artist TAI. We used to listen to this and dream of a trip to Thailand that we never got around to doing. Hey Amy – let’s do that trip?

A wonderful submission this episode came from Perth artist Tenobi. Born in Mauritius he's a fairly new House DJ and producer, but that hasn't stopped him from producing a really great house track, 'On My Mind'. I've been bown away by the quality of submissions I've recieved so far - keep them coming! You can submit a song or a song request here.

Looking for some more dark psy tech and doofy stuff? Look no further than Redshift's 'Flevorium' that closes off the show. This track is from the EP 'JINR' out now via Frisson Records. Staying with the doof theme, Queenslander CAIN.'s doof techno banger 'Platypus Poison' which is also full of psychadelic goodness features this episode and is currently available via Stone Seed records as a free download which you can access here.

I'm pretty late with my blog this week because friends, I have been absolutely smashed with work, so I do apologise for that. The good news is, that you don't have long to wait for the next episode of EMA which airs on 105.7 Radio Metro tonight (9 September 2022) at midnight AEST. You can listen to the past episodes of EMA on Mixcloud and Soundcloud and those that aren't blocked on YouTube. I have also created a Spotify playlist (link below) so you can listen to (most of) your favourite Aussie tracks whenever you like.

With thanks to Amy for sharing some great memories and laughs this week putting together this post,

Ky Mi x


1. TAI – Tailand (Peking Duk Chili Bamboo Remix)

2. Flume – Sintra

3. Major Lazer – Be Together (Cut Snake Remix)

4. Tenobi – On My Mind

5. Sam Devine & Kormak – I Want You (Radio Edit)

6. Jesse Bligh – Dis-Go (DESAINT Extended Remix)

7. Barney In The Tunnel – Once More For The Last Time

8. Kinder – Come Along (Go Freek Remix)

9. Wongo – The Dome (Extended Mix)

10. CAIN. – Platypus Poison

11. Redshift – Flevorium


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09 sept 2022

Yeeees, what a blast from the past. Made me dance just as much as we did back in 2014! Let’s finally go to Thailand. Plane wines and TAI - vibing it already. Let’s just not do the happy jig we did going through customs and then drop the bottle of vodka we were bringing through, much to the entertainment of all the people watching hahaha.

Me gusta
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