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Nimbus Skies

Updated: May 30, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.8 aired 25 April 2022

El Niño and La Niña El have a huge influence on Australia's climate and are part of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle. We're curently experiencing La Niña in Australia. Stronger than usual winds near the equator change the currents in the central and eastern tropical Pacific ocean, which become cooler as a consequence. Warm water accumulates in the western Pacific and north of Australia which eventually results in increased rain activity. Other super fun things about La Niña include generally cooler weather, and increased cyclones.

Ever an optimist, I'm trying to look at these rainy days as time to listen to more music, or learn about things such as "What is La Niña?" although more rain, floods, and destruction are an ever present threat at the moment. Hopefully whereever you are, you are staying dry and happy and are ready for the recording of this week's episode of Electronic Music Australia.

Unreleased tracks this week include 'Ascend' from the Gold Coast's own Graham Dunn. Starting off as just a synth line some time ago, he revisted it recently to become the title track of his new EP which is being released under Melbourne based label Bunyip. 'Ascend' is available for pre-order now, and will be released on May 4.

Out today is the latest from GrooveJak, called D-Groovy. This is a minimal tech house heater with a cheeky sample from American dance group Deee-Lite's 'Groove Is In The Heart'.

Byron Bay's Rainbird has a strong presence in the Australian Bush techno scene. His track 'Extinction' is from his 'Cicada' EP which is available now via Stone Seed records. Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Dysphemic offers us his flavour of mystical bass with dnb belter 'Comet Chaser'.

My throwback this week went back to 1996 with DJ Darren Briais VS DJ Peewee Ferris and 'I Feel It' . I just love these 1990's dance tracks! Did you know that Peewee Ferris played in the late, great Big Day Out Boiler Room in 2009 as did The Prodigy? This seems like a good time to remind you about my Prodigy tribute show in case you haven't yet had the chance to check it out. While you're over in SoundCloud, feel free to give EMA a follow!

As the sun has just appeared from between the clouds, I'm going to take advantage of this reprieve to visit the outdoors! The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, May 2 at 3 am AEST. You can also listen to EMA episode 8 on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and YouTube. I've also created an EMA Spotify playlist so you can stream your favourite Aussie tunes (the ones on Spotify anyway).

Get in touch with me via the EMA socials or message me here.

Until next time,

Ky Mi x

  1. Tom Baker, Unknown Concept - Ambidextrous (Original Mix)

  2. Rainbird - Extinction (Original Mix)

  3. GrooveJak - D-Groovy

  4. Latour - In The Party (Original Mix)

  5. Hermitude - HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

  6. Dysphemic - Comet Chaser (Original Mix)

  7. DJ Darren Brias VS DJ Peewee Ferris – I Feel It

  8. Tom Budin, RSCL, Maikki - Waking Up (Extended Mix)

  9. Graham Dunn - Ascend (Original Mix)

  10. For Life - U Wana (k712 remix)

  11. Dystopia - Chills



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