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Peace, Joy, And Music As The Sun Sets On 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.36, 37, 38 and 39 aired 6, 13, 20, & 27 December 2022

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. Between trying to wrap up as many projects as possible (and for some strange reason tackle a few new ones), the lead up to Christmas which always seems to be a mad sprint, and then the day itself, it feels like there hasn't been many opportunities to pause and reflect on the year that was 2022.

Spotify Wrapped came and went and although I am reluctant to promote Spotify as such, I think it is well worth acknowledging the amazing Aussie artists who were at the top of my playlists for 2022 including Latour, Dan Muz and The Saftey Word. There was also emerging artist Dystopia. Born in Iran, Dystopia now resides in Sydney, is prolifically producing and experiementing with music. His track 'Chills' featured in episode 8 and 'Twenty22' in episode 19. I've no doubt that we will hear more from Dystopia in 2023.

At number one was Gold Coast DJ, Producer and Record Label owner Damo Cox. His track 'Like A Freak' was my top song for 2022. Cox has indicated that he has an album coming in 2023, so I will be sure to keep you posted about that. For those of you with tickets, you can catch Damo playing at Initiation Festival on Friday 30/12 from 7-8 pm AEST. Come and say hi to me on the dance floor if you are there!

EMA was blessed with two fantastic guest mixes which spanned the last four episodes. The first was an epic mix from Mark Dynamix that we recorded at Saturday Social's last event for 2022. A huge thank you to Graham Dunn and Mark Dynamix for allowing this to happen and for putting on such a fabulous event. Make sure you are following Saturday Social for upcoming events in 2023.

The second mix was from up and coming Sydney pop/disco artist Chase Zera. This mix is just perfect to keep the vibes high during the continued festive celebrations. She has an EP out now called 'Disco Runway' which the artist says is about "embracing your true self, not wanting perfect moments to end, having great nights out with great people, making memories and removing negative energy from your life to pave the way for more positivity and love". A big thanks to Chase Zera for the mix, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Listen to EMA episode 39 here

If you are on the Gold Coast this New Years Day, check out these amazing gigs that I've discovered and written about in my other, other project writing for Gold Coast Magazine. Between you and I, I'll be at the Top Of The Morning Presents New Years Day Summer Soiree event at Mo's Desert Club House because my fabulously talented, amazing, gorgeous and brilliant cousin Emma Grace is on the line-up.

2022 was a huge year with the birth of Electronic Music Australia and then watching it take on a life of its own. Thank you for your support of the show and blog and of course the Aussie artists that EMA tries to shine a light on each week. I'll be back in 2023 with more amazing music and we'll continue on this journey together!

Tune in next Tuesday, 3 January 2023 on Radio Metro for the first episode of the new year.

Have an amazing start to 2023!

Ky Mi x


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