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So What? Move My Body!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.7 aired 18 April 2022

I'm keeping you on your toes this week with a whole bunch of B A N G E R S and I'm not talking about the type you cooked up over the long weekend either.

You need to know about the epic Gold Coast talent on the show! At just 16 years old, Sammy Smooth blows my mind. His Dad was spinning tunes in clubs in the 90's with Brisbane DJ royalty DJ Angus and this musical influence has rubbed off on young Sam who plays the guitar on top of his electronic music pursuits. His track 'So What' kicks off the hour, I love the broody vocal hook and straight up grooviness of this track.

A couple of weeks back I was out at a great local bar called Soho and caught Aaska for a brilliant set that had me dancing in spite of my physiotherapist's strict instructions to stay off the dancefloor (sorry Hardy!). It was a no-brainer to include his track 'Move My Body' in this week's mix. Auntie Brenda is the third local artist I wanted to mention to you this week with his track 'Riddim N Rave'.

Our dose of Dnb came from Doctor Werewolf with 'Keep Steppin' and if you aren't dancing during the first half of the show I will eat my hat*!

Unfortunately, YouTube has blocked this episode. But you can view it above or on Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

Our listener's pick this week came from Rhiannon via Instagram and she requested another Gold Coast local, Roan with his track 'Always Knew'. What a gorgeous track! You can send me your listener's pick via socials, or message me here. I also really want to hear from you if you are a producer from Western Australia, Nothern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania or ACT - we want to hear your tunes!

Our friends in Melbourne never disappoint. The members of Arcane Trickster sent in their collaboration with Stickleback called 'Leonus' and this track is So. Damned. Cool. It makes me eternally grateful to be doing this radio show and being able to be exposed to music I might never have come across otherwise. I really hope you are digging discovering new artists and music with me!

Well, I had better continue curating the music for next week's episode of EMA but thank you so much for reading the blog and listening to the show. You're the best! Feel free to get in touch with me via the EMA socials, the contact page, and I've just added a 'Subscribe' feature to the website (or at least, I have attempted to!) so that I can deliver each week's episode straight to your inbox.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, April 25 at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 7 on Mixcloud and YouTube. You can also check out the EMA Spotify playlist too.

Keep on dancing!

Ky Mi x

*no guarantees that I will eat my hat, or that I am even wearing a hat

  1. Sammy Smooth - So What

  2. Aaska - Move My Body

  3. Groove Terminator feat. Stewart Who - Twisted (Extended Mix)

  4. Auntie Brenda - Riddim N Rave

  5. Doctor Werewolf - Keep Steppin'

  6. Venda - Lunar Science Briefing

  7. Stickleback Vs Arcane Trickster - Leonus

  8. Poolclvb - Into Your Heart

  9. Beni - Sway

  10. Roan - Always Knew

  11. Moktar - Cotton


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