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Soup for the Soul(stice)

Electronic Music Australia ep.16 aired 20 June 2022

Yesterday, June 21 was the shortest day of the year (and on the flipside, the longest night of the year) otherwise known as the Winter Solstice. Celebrating the shortest day of the year takes many forms. Apparently witchcraft and other ancient polytheist religions are making a comeback at the moment, so a variety of neo-pagan rituals take place (if you're into TikTok there's a bunch of witchy stuff there I hear). The occasion is also marked by researchers in Antartica with a casual dip in icy waters during the 2.5 hours of sunlight delivered on the day. Wim Hof would be proud.

From this point, the days will gradually get longer, which is something definitely worth celebrating. And what better way of celebrating than with another rip snorter of an episode of Electronic Music Australia? Surely better than trying to master the butterfly swim stroke in Antarctic waters.

We dive in with Sydney composer, producer, audio engineer and software designer and developer (or should we just say multitalented?) Ed Harrison's REAVENCODE Remix of 'Imbrium'. This is off his 'ntremixed02' release which is absolutely phenomenal.

GURPAAL is the musical project and creative outlet of UK Born, but now Brisbane based producer, Gurpaal Bains. His track 'Calling' is a dark, melodic and dramatic track with a haunting vocal hook.

From across the pond, New Zealand's Just.Jax and his track 'Things You Say' made it's way into my track submission folder this week. This one is definitely for the clubs and has a super catchy vocal that you'll be humming long after the show is over. The track will be out on July 8 on Australian record label Motive Records. Learn more about Just.Jax and his musical journey here.

Listen here or on SoundCloud or YouTube. Unfortunately YouTube often blocks the shows due to copyright so I encourage you to listen on Mixcloud.

One of the goals of EMA is to elevate both new music and new artists. This week's episode features new artist J D Stone AKA Lock Sequence. Hailing from the Central Coast in New South Wales, he started exploring the world of music production during the dark times of spicy cough lockdowns with newfound spare time. Finding real passion in creating music, his track 'Final Approach' made it's radio debut this week. Please extend your support to Lock Sequence and all the artists featured on EMA by giving them a follow wherever you can.

A final notable mention this week goes to Dysphemic, who is doing really great things creatively, and I'm not going to stop going on about his latest beat tape 'Raki Beats'. He made this beat tape in Greece composed of obscure Greek samples from tapes and vinyl he found during travels. He wrote music in taxis, balconies in Athens and on countless other adventures. 'Majic Soup' featured on the show, which is the first track off 'Raki Beats'.

Back to Winter Solstice in Australia. There' a stone arrangement in Wathaurong country near Ballarat, Victoria called Wurdi Youang. The stones are arranged in such a way that they show the position of the setting sun during the Winter and Summer solstice as well as there being stones that point to the summer equinox. This arrangement is thought to be around 11,000 years old and is accurate within a few degrees. How amazing.

There are some big things coming up on EMA but I'm not going to tell you what just yet, you'll just have to wait to find out!

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, June 27 at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 16 on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and YouTube or check out the Spotify playlist below.

No soup for you!

Ky Mi x


1. Ed Harrison – Imbrium (REAVENCODE Remix)

2. Gerling – Dust Me Selecta

3. GURPAAL – ‘Calling’ (Extended Mix)

4. Just.Jax – Things You Say

5. Nadia – Wasting Time (Extended Mix)

6. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire

7. Taglo, Tasha Losan – Fuji

8. Che Jose – Pictures (Original Mix)

9. Valoramous & The Safety Word – Amnesia (Increment Remix)

10. Lock Sequence – Final Approach

11. Dysphemic – Magic Soup – off Raki Beats

12. Deeperwalk – Lofidub SUBSET RMX


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