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Summer Daze

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.44 aired 31 January 2023

Ah! Queensland Summer is really, truly, finally here... I think. The temperature today is around 31 degrees celcius, with delightful humidy of 80% and I can hear the sound of "Greensleeves" in the distance from a nearby icecream van. Wait.

Why do icecream trucks play Greensleeves?

I went on a bit of a Google dive and didn't come up with too much other than one story that says that the founder of Mr Whippy ice cream vans, Dominic Facchino liked King Henry VIII. King Henry VIII was the one who had a couple of his wives casually beheaded, was the first head of the Church of England. You know, THAT GUY. So, apparently King Henry VIII was quite a musician and over the years, centuries even, people have suggested that 'Greensleeves' was written by King Henry VIII about Anne Boleyn (obviously some time before the whole beheading incident). But this, like so many online quotes attributed to Keanu Reeves, is most likely wrong as historians believe that 'Greensleeves' was written after King Henry VIII had passed away. In any case, if hearing the song 'Greensleeves' makes you think of icecream then I guess Dominic Facchino was onto something, although I'm not entirely sure what.

So much new music this week!

Listen to episode 44 here

The episode opened with an upbeat little number called 'Upon Reflection' from Sydney band Eggy. Eggy describe themselves as 'An exploration in gobblefunk pop'. 'Upon Reflection' was the closing track from their album ‘With Gusto’. I shared the Traffik Island remix, groovy and summery and good vibes all round.

Sydney producers U Know released their debute record ‘Save My Soul’ with Motive records in 2020 and have been going strong since. Their latest EP 'Sundi Vibes' features 'Back That Funk' which was on the show, a smooth groove, perfect for the cocktail lounge, the club, the loungeroom, get the picture.

THIS JUST IN, hitting number 1 in the ARIA Club Chart today, Harpoon's 'Heaven' with Jania. Piano House goodness with a powerful vocal combine here for an unforgettable Summer party anthem. If that's your vibe anyway. On the topic of Housey goodness, Juddik (the artist formerly known as Heizer) has his first EP under the new monika 'AYLA' coming out tomorrow. 'It Ain't Right' featured on this weeks show.

Before I get off the computer and into the pool, I wanted to introduce you to sleepthink. This is composer Ethan Reed's project, and he's creating experimental electronic tunes. 'Rain in the Gorge' closed off the show, and what a stunning way to wrap up an amazing hour of music.

That's it from me this week - be sure to tune in to Electronic Music Australia next week on Tuesday night at 11pm AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro for another hour of amazing Aussie music.

Stay cool!

Ky Mi x



1. Eggy – Upon Reflection (Traffik Island Remix)

2. U know – Back That Funk

3. The Magician x The Aston Shuffle – Differences (Original Mix)

4. The Journey – Games (Closer)

5. Che Jose feat. Jodie Knight – Freedom (Mass Digital Remix Extended) (Syd)

6. Elliot Creed – Can’t Let Go feat. Sam Phay (Radio Edit)

7. Misdevine and Sonic Reflection – How do I feel (Radio Edit)

8. Tism – (He’ll Never Be An) Ol’ Man River 1995

9. The Wasters of Time – The Profits

10. KOMMUNION – Lose My Cool (Wongo Extended Remix)

11. Harpoon, Jania – Heaven (Radio Edit)

12. Juddik – It Ain’t Right (Original Mix)

13. Mell Hall - End Of Time (Street Player Remix)

14. sleepthink – Rain in the Gorge



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