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Tales from the Tuckshop

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.33 aired 15 November 2022

Fidgeting restlessly in my plastic standard goverment issue stacking chair, waiting in anticipation of the call to action. Two students dutifully disappear, and return with a plastic laundry basket. The basket is full of brown paper bags. The teacher starts calling out names and handing out the goods. Finally, my name is called. Oh, the excitement as my little hands grip the brown paper bag. Grease leakes through the paper, turning it slightly transparent and a little shiny. The lunch bell sounds and a warm(ish), greasy, ham and cheese sandwich is eagerly devoured. How I did love tuck shop Fridays, such a treat from the Australian lunchbox staple, the humble Vegemite sandwich. The laundry basket though - is it an appropriate vessel for kids lunches? I'm not sure.

Why am I recounting stories from primary school? Well, this week's featured artist is Joey Tuckshop and that name got me thinking about those tuck shop toasted sammos. Which isn't entirely off the mark, as Joey Tuckshop likes to incorporate food as much as possible into his work, something I am completely on board with.

Joey Tuckshop is the House, Bass House and Tech house project of Joe McKain, who incorporates dreamy, moody sounds and sometimes sharp synths to create his signature sound. Joe grew up in Adelaide, moving to Lennox Head to study Electronic Music Production in Byron Bay. Joe has been heaviliy involved in the festival and underground scene, playing Rabbits Eat Lettuce and Splendour in the Grass two years in a row. He's also running parties under his event brand Future Faktori. Featured on the show is Joey Tuckshop's latest release, 'I Feel That' feat. Jo The Boy, 'Plane To Em' and unreleased premier 'Chug' which will be out in early 2023. Make sure you show Joey Tuckshop some love via the links below.

Listen to EMA episode 33 here.

If you would like to be a featured artist or would like to nominate one, just get in touch with me via the contact page or via the EMA socials.

Another tale from the tuckshop, or more accurately outside it. Finding a coin isn't a huge deal, but as a little kid stumbing across a one cent coin was pretty exciting. This tiny, bronze currency is no longer, but back then it was enough to buy something at the school tuckshop - an "apricot ball". The maligned five cent coin - heck, that was five apricot balls. That's outstanding value!

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday night at 2300 AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro.

Keep on being happy little Vegemites,

Ky Mi x


  1. Bad Tempered – Back Soon, Gone Trippin

  2. Avalon Kane – Alon Kane A Spider

  3. Forward Fox – R estless

  4. Set Mo – Here Go (Extended Mix) OFF the 'Flux' LP Club Cuts [High Vibrations]

  5. Grace Barbé - Fatige (GUM & Ginoli Remix)

  6. Golden Features - Endit (feat. Rromarin)

  7. Joey Tuckshop – I Feel That feat. Jo The Boy

  8. Joey Tuckshop – Plane To Em

  9. Joey Tuckshop – Chug

  10. SGT SLICK – White Treble, Black Bass

  11. Will K & Drove - Ghost

  12. Nightingale - Trust


Joey Tuckshop Links


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