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To Freo and Beyond

Electronic Music Australia ep.32 aired 8 November 2022

The borders of Western Australia were closed for over 600 days, almost two whole years during the pandemic. As one of the most isolated cities in the world on an ordinary day, WA felt even further away. This is why, on visiting recently, I felt an incredible sense of gratitude and overwhelming happiness to be able once again to visit the far reaches of our amazing Australia. Strolling along the bank of the Swan River, I was mesmerised by the crystal clear blue water, and filled my lungs with the crispest or breezes, brought to us by the famous "Fremantle Doctor". As I passed the Naval store, I considered the possibility of a store that sold bellybuttons and marvelled at how confusing the English language is. One could say I even contemplated my navel.

The Tom Edwards Memorial Fountain, 6 October 2022

Living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, a very new city, I'm easily impressed by old buildings, and Fremantle has some gorgeous old churches worth seeing as well as some interesting historical monuments including the Tom Edwards Fountain. Tom Edwards was killed in a violent union riot in Fremantle in 1919. This riot escalated when workers went on strike, refusing to unload the cargo aboard the 'SS Dimboola' because they did not feel that quarantine was sufficient to ensure the saftey of the local population against the pandemic of the time - the Spanish Flu. The situation went south when the Premier Hal Colebatch and volunteers took off down the river to set up barricades to allow a different group of union workers to unload the cargo. Items were thrown off the bridges at the boats, and protesters and mounted police clashed in a violent conflict where Tom Edwards was fatally injured. The monument can be found on Adelaide Street in Kings Square.

Something (or should I say someone) I didn't manage to find in Fremantle was this week's amazing ARIA Club Chart topping artist Ben Renna. More correctly, we couldn't coordinate our schedules for a face-to-face chat but instead had a wonderful chat on Zoom which you can catch in the recording of episode 32 of EMA here as well as a super special guest mix from the man himself.

Listen to EMA episode 32 here

Ben can attribute at least part of his ear for music from classical piano training from a young age. He still tickles the ivories to create his melodies and this shines through in his piano house weapon 'Hearts on Fire' which was co-written by Lewis Thompson. This track made it to #1 in the ARIA Club Chart and has stuck around in the top 50 for 21 weeks so far. 'Hearts on Fire' is a super uplifting piano house anthem and Ben Renna's guest mix is equally uplifting and brings all the dancy vibes so make sure you check it out.

If you are in Western Australia, make sure you head out to catch Ben in one of his many residencies where he keeps dance floors pumping all weekend. If you're on the East Coast like me, you'll have to keep your eye's peeled for upcoming tour dates. Wherever you are from, make sure you give Ben Renna a follow via the links below.

Are you enjoying the featured artist segments and interviews? Let me know! Also, you can still request a song, or a featured artist by getting in touch with me here.

One final thing about Freo, if you do visit, please make sure you stop in at Mother. I had the most incredible meal there, which included my all time favourite dessert, Tiramisu. Their signature Tiramisu is like no other -it was mind blowing. That's all I'll say on that.

Tune in to Electronic Music Australia on Tuesday night at 2300 AEST on 105.7 Radio Metro which you can stream via their app or direclyt from the website from wherever you are in the world.

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  1. Dukes of Windsor, TV Rock - The Others

  2. Ben Renna - Hearts on Fire

  3. For Life - U Wana (Forward Fox Remix)

  4. Guest Mix - Ben Renna


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