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Tropic Dreaming - Dance Beats and Eclectic Electronic Sounds

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.58 & 59 aired 16 & 23 May 2023

If you've been caught in the whirlwind of life's craziness lately, you're not alone! It seems that everyone I talk to is going full tilt. I genuinely hope that you can find some moments to unwind and maybe even take some time out to enjoy these two fantastic episodes of Electronic Music Australia.

While I'm here moaning about how busy I am, I did just take a couple of very precious days to "unplug" on Magnetic Island, which is just off the coast of Townsville in North Queensland where I had to go for work purposes. While I didn't see any, I learned that Magnetic Island is inhabited by around 800 Koalas. Interestingly, they were introduced by humans in the 1930's for conservation reasons. I'm glad it worked out on the island for those fuzzy little eukalyptus smelling dropbears.

A beach with a long white jetty over the ocean with land in the distance
Not too shabby - heritage listed Picnic Bay Jetty on Magnetic Island.

But I digress! Episode 58 of EMA was one of those really fun crate digging episodes. Notable highlights include Brisbane based producer, DJ and mix engineer Yilki and his track 'Silver Chill'. His innovative style manifests in a compelling live show I'm told, so keep an eye out for any local gigs (I will too!).

Hailing from South Australia, Blood Circle is a solo project of Simon Parker. He has an impressive resume including involvment in bands like Lost Valentinos, Damn Arms, Catcall and Midnight Juggernauts. With a soft spot for dance and electronic music he creates many genres which is his ode to his passion for listening to and creating music. His track 'Mortals' paved the way for an hour of excellent Aussie tunes in episode 58.

Fran (gotta love Fran!) is back in episode 58 with her earwormy bop 'Business'. But while you groove along to this track, there is a serious message behind it, as Fran explains in the show. You're just going to have to listen to find out what it is!

Listen to EMA episode 58 on SoundCloud, YouTube, Rumble, and Apple PodCasts

It would hardly be a visit anywhere if music wasn't somehow incorporated! So after my work duties were done, I headed out to the Tropic Fiesta Street Beats event which featured a great lineup including Pete Murray and Art vs. Science. Art vs. Science always put on such an energising show, and so it was only fitting that episode 59 of EMA kicked off with their 2011 hit 'Magic Fountain'. Episode 59 is supercharged with dance beats, including BOHM's latest, 'I'll Be There', Hiroshi Daisuki (also known as Chusap) and his banger 'Hotline' and so much more.

Listen to EMA episode 59 on SoundCloud, YouTube, Rumble, and Apple PodCasts

I hope you enjoy these two massive episodes of Electronic Music Australia! Don't forget to join the EMA Community to stay up-to-date or get in touch with your music suggestions and requests. June is just around the corner and that means the June guest mix is on it's way! Watch this space too for some online guest mixes coming soon.

Electronic Music Australia airs every Tuesday at 11pm AEST on Radio Metro

Put de lime in de coconut, then you feel better,

Ky Mi x


Playlist Episode 58

  1. Blood Circle – Mortals

  2. Ready Wolf – Epilogue (DJ Tr!p remix)

  3. Infinite Division – Feels Like Home

  4. IN2STELLAR – Baby Bump

  5. Cliff Colada – Between Us (Featuring RYDA)

  6. The Safety Word & Valoramous– Amnesia (Robodop Snei Remix - Prog House Edit)

  7. Fran – Business

  8. Hitch – Forever

  9. Yilki – Silver Chill

  10. LOW STAKES – And One

  11. Tijuana Cartel – Nisaba

  12. Rufus Du Sol - Paris Collides (Frames Remix)

  13. The Kite String Tangle – Fist Fight

Playlist Episode 59

  1. Art Vs Science – Magic Fountain

  2. Tommy Mc – Breakin Down (Hey Baby) James Alexandr Extended Mix

  3. Hiroshi Daisuki – Hotline

  4. Basura Boys – Lover Boy (Nadia Remix) [Note that Nadia is now Aidan Rudd]

  5. JaySounds & Tim Light – Proxy (Extended)

  6. Hey It’s Liron – Thump (Extended Mix)

  7. Confidence Man & Daniel Avery – On & On (Again) (VIP Mix)

  8. Odd Mob & GC Vandal – Been Dreaming (Extended Mix)

  9. Tara Bloom – Desire (Extended Mix)

  10. Wildfire x Clara Fable – I’m Alright (Club Mix)

  11. BOHM – I’ll Be There (Radio Edit)


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