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Up, up and away

Electronic Music Australia ep.50 aired 14 March 2023

I've always been fascinated by hot air balloons, and last week I finally got the chance to ride in one. I was surprised at how gently it lifted off the ground, and enjoyed watching everything below get gradually smaller. The patchwork of green fields below, roads snaking between them, tiny cows, even tinier dogs. Higher and higher it went, until we were above the clouds. It was so peaceful and quiet up there, the serenity disrupted only by the occasional and necessary blast of the burner. The balloon would gradually sink lower towards the ground, before rising surprisingly quickly back up above the clouds. Up and down we went across the countryside. As it descended back to earth, different layers of wind guided us in the direction of the landing site. Amazing! I must now announce that my prefered mode of transport from this time forth must be hot air balloon. Please get in touch with me if you own a bright purple hot air balloon and can be ready to take me down to Robina shops at short notice.

Hi, I'm in the sky

Musically, it was an uplifting episode of EMA with plenty of emerging artists as well as some fan favourites including new music from SAFIA and Basenji. On the home front, local legends Bri & Si

delivered us their latest release 'I Think I'm Fine'. This super fun track is accompanied by a great stop motion animated video which you should definitely check out.

Scientist David Bohm served as the inspiration for the new moniker of the Sydney duo previously known as Something and Something. David Bohm, a physicist, also deeply explored the nature of consciousness. Straddling the worlds of science and philosophy, Bohm (music) have a similar approach to their music, bringing together technical and emotional elements in their craft. Their style fuses Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, and Afro House. Bohm's melodic tech track ‘Reaching Out’ featured in the show.

Introducing Melbourne's Halceon Daze, who sent through their tunes via the Electronic Music Australia submissions page. Three mates with a love of music, they decided to start making their own. They harness vibes from the likes of BAYNK, Rufus Du Sol and Flight Facilities which you can hear in their tune 'Back To You' which featured in this episode. Give Halceon Daze a follow and show your support. Thanks for the great submissions - keep them rolling in!

The Latin vibes are strong in Los Angeles based Liam Berkeley 's 'Ketal'. The groove is pretty infectious and you'll be doing the salsa like I was in the studio in no time.

Check out EMA episode 50 on Rumble or SoundCloud for the best experience, as I have to mute tracks for YouTube which makes the listening experience less fun.

On another topic, I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up with socials and wondered if any of you out there might want to join the EMA team and help me out? I'd like to say it's a paid job, but it's not, it's currently very much a labor of love. If you are keen, hit me up via the contact page (just scroll down). Incidentally, this is also where you can request a song.

Come party with me on April 29! Electronic Music Australia is super proud to be supporting this event by Sorta Kinda Music. They have a new compilation album coming out in April and this is the album launch party. Every artist on the lineup has been featured on EMA, so you know the quality of the tunes are going to be on point. Better still, this event is at one of my absolute favourite venues on the Gold Coast - Hidden Cherub. Here you can enjoy yummy food, cocktails and their recently added sound section. The tickets are super limited, so grab yours now to avoid missing out. Keep an eye out too as I'll be featuring the album on the show soon.

The March guest mix is on it's way with the extremely talented David Cuda! Stay tuned every Tuesday at 11pm AEST on Radio Metro for all the musical goodies! Subscribe to the EMA website to get notified when I post the show recordings, blog and music news. I won't spam you - pinky promise!

Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon!

Ky Mi x



1. For Life- Get Like That

2. Benson & Bruno Furlan ft Liz Cass – Sleep Walk (Radio Edit)

3. SAFIA – Today

4. venbee, goddard - messy in heaven (Joey Tuckshop Edit)

5. DE SAINT. = Good Girl Gone (Camden Cassa Extended Remix)

6. Bri & Si – I Think I’m Fine

7. Paces feat. Nyne – Savage

8. BOHM – Reaching Out (Radio Edit)

9. Bullant – Jupiter James

10. Basenji – Max And Finn

11. Liam Berkeley – Ketal (Original Mix)

12. Halceon Daze – Back To You

13. Nick Jay – By My Side (Feat. Lacey) Radio Edit


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