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What song would your cat request?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.3 aired 21 March 2022

It was touch and go there for a moment as to whether this week’s episode of Electronic Music Australia would air, with some technical challenges threatening to postpone things until next week. With the help of a reprogrammed Model 101 Series T800 (aka Bilsy), the humans prevailed over the machines, and I made it to the airwaves on Monday morning at 3am.

And what an hour it was! The show started on a high note with For Life (Adam Bozzetto)’s latest release ‘U Wana’. This track is an absolute scorcher! I cannot get enough of this song, so be prepared to hear it on future episodes of EMA for sure. Catch For Life at Vivid Sydney this June.

Sydney based producer Che Jose wooed us with his dreamy melodic house jam ‘Freedom’, and Harrison Downes AKA Käse Kochen skirts the lines between techno, house, progressive and minimal with the Rainbird Remix of ‘Void of Course’, released under Stone Seed records last year.

Our listeners' pick came from Fleurball the cat via Instagram who requested The Presets 2005 killer ‘Are You The One?’ I would say this track has stood the test of time - but have listen and decide for yourself. Speaking of felines, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass have recently released ‘Kitty Litter’, which delivers their trademark positive energy and quirky vibe that definitely puts a smile on my face.

My Throwback this week was from 2013, which I think was a really great year for Australian electronic music. Out of Sydney, producer and professional composer Lance Gurisik AKA Lancelot’s ‘You’ll Never Be Mine’ was off his second EP and uses a sample from SOS Band’s 1983 single ‘Just Be Good To Me’ and producers take note, this is how to use a sample! Last time I spoke to Lance, he teased new music on the horizon - watch this space...

Starting and ending the show with high vibes this week, Brisbane’s Operon and Parly B’s roughneck extended mix of ‘Sound Killah’ rounded off an hour of downright sensational Australian electronic music this week. The guys have kindly made this track available as a free download, so be sure to jump on that.

I hope you enjoy episode 3 of Electronic Music Australia. Request a song for the ‘Listeners pick’ segment via socials or message me here. If you’re an Australian producer and would like your song on the show, fill out this form.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, March 28 at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 3 on Mixcloud and YouTube or check out the Spotify playlist below.

I’ll be back...

Ky Mi x

  1. For Life - U Wana

  2. Lancelot – You’ll Never Be Mine

  3. Che Jose Feat. Jodie Knight – Freedom

  4. Harrison Downs AKA Käse Kochen – Void of Course (Rainbird Remix)

  5. Tom Evans & Jimmy Golding – Very Different (original mix)

  6. Needs No Sleep & Wildfire – It’s You (ft. Nadia Gattas)

  7. Fred Again - Pretty Girl Remix of Tate (How I Feel)

  8. The Presets - Are You The One?

  9. De Saint - Zephyr (Tara Bloom Remix)

  10. Mood Swing & Chevy Bass – Kitty Litter

  11. Operon & Parly B - Sound Killah (roughneck extended mix)

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