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Cats and Music

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.24 aired 19 August 2022

The Ancient Egyptians had some great ideas, including the demi-god status of the cat. Cats were considered to be the physical manifestation of goddess Bastet who had a cat's head on a woman's body. She was the daughter of Sun God Ra and brought good health, protection and pleasure. A most beautiful depiction of Bastet is in the British Museum, a bronze statue called the Gayer-Anderson cat, so named after it's donor Major Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson.

The Gayer-Anderson cat at the British Museum pic by Ky Mi, July 2022

The cat wears earrings and a nose ring and has a scarab beetle on its head, which was a symbol of rebirth and renewal. That is cool because, you know, Scarab Beetles are but humble dung beetles, who literally push sh*t around. The Egyptians saw beauty and meaning even in this activity, as the rolling of the poop was considered to liken the way the sun moved through the sky each day.

As the guardian of three felines, I relate to the elevation of these incredible creatures and do believe in their magical powers, especially the healing powers of that rumbly motor, the ever soothing purrrr.

Speaking of magical, healing powers, how good is music? We eased into Friday's episode of EMA with a journey through 'The Candy Forest' with Olympic Pool Maintenance League. The techno producer showing his versitility with this moody and atmospheric offering. The pace picked up with Jennifer Loveless's groover 'Muzik'.

One of the many great submissions that have come through via the website included 'Touch' from Melbourne artist, Mr. Rachele. Mr. Rachele is blending genres and sounds with modular synths and hardware drum machines to create his eclectic and individual sound. He also shares his life with a cat - coincidence? I think not.

The tasty DNB submission this episode came through from Brisbane record label COVET DNB and is from YZMIKH (pronounced 'Izmik') called 'Symbiote'. This seems like good time to remind you if you are a producer or record label, to feel free to send through original, Australian music submissions to me here, and if you're a listener, dying to hear your favourite Aussie track, you can send your requests through via the same page, or DM me on socials with your request.

Listen to EMA episode 24 here or on SoundCloud. You can also find it on YouTube but I am increasingly frustrated with YouTube blocking the recordings so please try to support other platforms (especially Mixcloud!)

Ceccato is no stranger to our local scene here on the Gold Coast in Queensland, where he's run numerous successful events, covered the local club circuit and played at Rabbits Eats Lettuce festival multple times. He's recently released his debut EP 'All I Need Is You' from which I've played both tracks - 'All I Need Is You' (episode 13 - 'Fare Tredici' and last week's episode, the B side, 'Feel The Love'. It's a great EP and I'd encourage you to check it out!

The frequency of the cats purr is between 25 and 150 Hertz, which is said to be a frequency that might promote healing and even increase bone density. Of course there are other frequencies said to promote healing too, perhaps we will explore those in future posts.

In the meantime, thanks so much for supporting the show and the blog, to ensure you don't miss an episode of EMA, be sure to subscribe.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro this Friday night (which is technially Saturday morning), August 26/27 at midnight AEST. You can listen to ALL past episodes on Mixcloud and Soundcloud and those that aren't blocked on YouTube. I have also created a Spotify playlist (link below) so you can listen to (most of) your favourite Aussie tracks whenever you like.

Off to kiss a cat, toodeloo!

Ky Mi x

  1. Olympic Pool Maintenance League – The Candy Forest

  2. Jennifer Loveless – Muzik

  3. Mr. Rachele – Touch

  4. Mabel- Onomos ** in this recording I incorrectly refer to this track as 'My Body Is a Tent'. That is the name of the EP that Onomos is from. My apologies.

  5. YZMIKH – Symbiote

  6. Gotye, Bitrok – Thanks for Your Time

  7. Airwolf Paradise - Don’t hurt me baby

  8. Dave Winnel feat. Voli K – 1993

  9. Dubbel Drop – Sunshine (Extended)

  10. Ceccato – Feel The Love (Original Mix)




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