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Fare Tredici

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.13 aired 30 May 2022

Fear of the number 13 has a name - triskaidekaphobia (try saying that a few times) but the origins of superstition surrounding the number thirteen aren't completely clear. It may have started around the 17th Century, when it was considered really unlucky to have 13 people at the dinner table, so much so that if you did have 13 people over for dinner, it was thought that one unfortunate guest would face iminent death within a year (maybe sooner if food hygiene practices were as bad as I suspect they were). Like many things this had biblical origins, as there was 13 people at the 'Last Supper', and well, we all know how that turned out.

Not sure people are too worried about having thirteen guests round the dinner table these days, but there are still buildings that "don't" have a level or room thirteen...

While some are still avoiding the number thirteen, there's no such avoision here with this week's episode being the 13th, and three months of EMA! About the unluckiest thing that happened in the lead up to this week's episode was catching the flu that's currently on tour after a two-year hiatus.

Let's talk music!

There's so much goodness packed in to this episode, Ceccato opens the show with his dreamy unreleased house track 'All I Need'. 'My Eyes' is the latest from For Life (Adam Bozzetto), a solid follow up to groover 'U Wana' (Episode 3), I'm loving what Bozzetto is doing with this project and am excited to hear what's next.

James Pepper recently recently made his Boiler Room debut at the inaugural Lost Sundays in Sydney, which you can check out on YouTube to see what a vibe it was! He's visiting the Gold Coast at a little treasure of a venue called Hidden Cherub this Saturday which is super exciting. I just had to include his collab with Black Loops, 'Three Drops' in this weeks ep to help warm up for the weekend.

Gold Coast local Damo Cox is on fire with his third release of the year - a reimagining of Beatles classic, called 'Mojo Filter', which Cox has released on his label Sorta Kinda Music. This track's a bop! I've also got the new one from Wongo 'The Preacher feat. Chuck Roberts' in the mix as well as 'Start Small' from Ninajirachi - mind blown by Ninajirachi and her immense talent!

Listen here or on Mixcloud

A huge thank you for the love for last weeks DNB mix which even managed to make it to the 'New and Hot' charts on SoundCloud, and once again a big thanks to Matt Parker (Skitzoid) for taking the time and effort to really create something special there.

I'm taking song requests and submissions RIGHT NOW for next weeks' episode of EMA. This is your chance to get your song featured if you're a producer, or nominate a producer friend if they're too shy - they don't have to be super well known or anything like that, it just has to be quality, original, Aussie electronic music. If you're not a producer, but want to hear your favourite Aussie electronic song, new or old, let me know! Bonus points if you tell me what the song means to you - first time you heard it, or a memory attached to it etc. I love that stuff!

Look, we made it through blog post and episode 13 and things are just fine and dandy, maybe because the Italians are right when they say thirteen is a lucky number with the phrase 'fare tredici' or 'do thirteen' meaning something along the lines of 'hit the jackpot'!

Electronic Music Australia airs every Monday on 105.7 Radio Metro at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 13 on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube.


Ky Mi x

  1. Ceccato – All I Need Is You

  2. For Life – My Eyes

  3. Graham Dunn -No Change Given

  4. Black Loops & James Pepper – Three Drops

  5. Damo Cox - Mojo Filter

  6. Wongo – The Preacher feat. Chuck Roberts (Extended Mix)

  7. Ninajirachi – Start Small

  8. Terrence & Phillip - Slang

  9. Skin on Skin, XClub – Don’t Fuck Around

  10. DJ BIG GUNS – miss unavailable

  11. Native dog - Al.Dente


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