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Initiated Into 2023

Electronic Music Australia ep.40 aired 3 January 2023

It's taken me a minute to ease into the new year. It hasn't been all parties and Prosecco however, there's been a good deal of changes, new adventures brewing and plans for what should be another very exciting, but busy year ahead.

One thing I am stoked to announce is that I am now a member of the Radio Metro Music Committe. This is an amazing opportunity to put forth more fabulous music (both Australian and International) for consideration for general rotation on the station. This is huge, and I'm really humbled by the chance to pitch the incredible tracks I come across to the rest of the Committee and the ability to help more emerging artists get their songs heard by a wider audience. A huge thank you to Radio Metro Station Manager Vikki for this opportunity. I do have some more developing news which I will share in due course.

The late Tomchilla. Rest In Peace. Image supplied by Tomchilla

Episode 40 of EMA was marked by something very sad, the sudden passing of Tasmanian techno Producer Tomchilla. We had been coordinating schedules to do an artist feature on him, so the least I could do was honour his memory by playing the great tracks he'd sent in for the feature. As the tributes continue to pop up on social media, you can really see what a beautiful and tight-knit community we have in the music scene and particularly the bush techno and doof scene. While Tomchilla has passed on, his music and memory will live on through family, friends and the community left behind.

Tomchilla's tracks featured in the show are 'My Favourite Mistake', 'Take This Bitch Sideways' and 'Kilcoy IGA' which is off the Frisson Records Techno Compilation 'Alchemists Of Tyranny'.

It's always hard to change the topic after such sombre news but here goes. New Year's saw us make our way out to Swan Gully in Bromelton in South East Queensland for Initiation NYE. We spent a lovely day out there to see Damo Cox work his magic in the Lovecamp tent with a set littered with his own original tunes which inspired a very enthusiastic dancefloor.

Oh hai, it's me at the Lovecamp stage!

The team at Top Of The Morning did an AMAZING job on New Years' Day with a sell-out event at Mo's Desert Clubhouse. I was bursting with pride to see my Cousin Emma Grace and Sandman deliver a super energetic techno set that definitley brushed away any dustiness from the celebrations the night before. If you can tolerate my bad videography, check out the vid of Emma Grace and Sandman below. Just look at them, they're having a whale of a time.

Right, well I should get to the actual episode of EMA! Opening with the stunning track "Undersea" from Richard Lawson and then quickly moving into some serious techno including those three wonderful tracks from Tomchilla, and then closing with minimal vibes from Matt Rowan and Robbie Lowe with their new track 'Motion'. It's a journey and a celebration, and I do hope you enjoy it.

Listen to EMA episode 40 here

I'm still taking song requests in 2023, don't be shy, I know you're there - so let me know what you'd like me to play. You can message me on socials or via the contact form. Thanks also to those artists who have recently submitted music to me via the website, I've got it, and I'll be in touch soon.

Join me tonight, 10 January 2023 at 11pm AEST on Radio Metro for a very Drum and Bass heavy episode of EMA!

Peace and love,

Ky Mi x



  1. Richard Lawson – Undersea

  2. Hope Street House – Ellipsis Earth

  3. Floor Twenty – As The Wind Blows

  4. Tomchilla – My Favourite Mistake

  5. Tomchilla – Kilcoy IGA

  6. Tomchilla – Take This Bitch Sideways

  7. Motez – Out Of Time (feat. Anita Blay)

  8. Born Dirty & Wongo – Crizpy

  9. Van She – Idea of Happiness (Herve Remix)

  10. Ember – Told You

  11. DE SAINT. - Sucker

  12. Matt Rowan and Robbie Lowe – Motion


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