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It's alive!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Electronic Music Australia ep.4 aired 28 March 2022

When I first came up with the concept for Electronic Music Australia, I thought - how can I do this? How can I put together a multi-genre showcase of Australian music without creating...the Frankenstein of shows? Those doubts have been dispelled, because what has happened over the past few weeks, has been nothing short of incredible! The support for EMA been overwhelming, and the music submissions that have started to flow in have been amazing. It's fair to say of this little project -

And I thank you, you amazing reader for taking a chance on a click outside of your regular scrolling to stop by here. You are awesome!

The tracks from this week episode are as diverse as they are brilliant, and I hope you agree. While I would love to talk about every track and artist every week, I have to curb my enthusiasm and select just a few.

Let's talk BRAND. NEW. MUSIC. I love shiny new things, and music is no exception. This week I had a couple of really fresh tracks for your ear holes. The first was 'Like A Freak' from Gold Coaster Damo Cox. This track is fire, check out the media release about it here. Another fresh out of the studio is GRVYRDS hard-hitting DnB banger 'Imperfect'.

Edit 26/6 YouTube keeps blocking this episode of EMA, pleae support EMA on Mixcloud

Out of Sydney, Mixed Methods debut release Ft. Slick Dickerson 'Beat' is a party starter! I spent around 24 hours singing/saying Slick Dickerson's cheeky vocal, "Four on the floor - Beat!" repeatedly until I nearly got kicked out of the house so my only advice would be to make sure you play the track loud enough for everyone to be able to join in.

Taking things a little more underground was KUNI and Tom Baker with 'The Rabbit Hole'. This track has tribal undertones and so much texture! Let it take you on a journey - you won't regret it.

Another thing I love other than new music, is experimental music. A unique and fantastic submission this week that fits this description was from the fabulous Bri & Si. These guys are true musicians, playing as a live band as well as tinkering with all the machines to create their distinctive sounds. The track was 'Bri & Si's F The Radio Remix' of Purple Zain's – 'The Consultant'.

I hope you dance your pants off to this week's episode of Electronic Music Australia. I'm so excited to hear more music submissions which you can send me here.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Monday, March 21 at 3 am AEST. You can listen to all past episodes on Mixcloud and YouTube and if you want to stream the tracks they're in Spotify playlists under each episode (link to this week below).

Stay dry, friends!

Ky Mi x

  1. Yahtzel – Girls

  2. Ajax – I’m Hot (Van She Tech Remix)

  3. Damo Cox – Like a Freak

  4. Mixed Methods Ft. Slick Dickerson – Beat

  5. Kuni & Tom Baker - The Rabbit Hole

  6. GRVYRDS – Imperfect

  7. JaySounds & Dave Winnel - Stimulate

  8. Beandip - Cloudy Skies

  9. Alex Preston – Don’t You Even Try

  10. Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened

  11. Purple Zain – The Consultant – Bri & Si – F The Radio Remix

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