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Post Festival Blues? We've Got You Covered

Electronic Music Australia ep.29 aired 18 October 2022

I need to get something off my chest. elements was on over the weekend, and this was one of the first years I did not go. It was a long weekend of extreme FOMO for me while the rest of you partied away in what is basically a beautiful doof utopia.

So while I'm commiserating not being there for what was undoubtably a spectaclar few days of music, art, and friendships new and old in the sensational Aussie bush, some of you might be suffering from the post elements blues, and fair enough too. Reality hits hard. Well, I'm pleased to let you know that I have not one, but two solutions for you.

The first is to listen to this week's episode of Electronic Music Australia. Yeah I hear you muttering "of course you're going to say that". But seriously though - you should! There's a tasty selection of tracks there, including this week's Track of the Week.

Listen here or on SoundCloud

Track of the Week

Australia's favourite DJ's and Producers, the incredible Kid Kenobi features this week with his remix of 'Black and White' from Italian producer Cristian Fascelli. We reported on the release of this track at the beginning of the month and it's been cool to see it steadily climb the ARIA Club Charts. Check out the links at the end of this blog to listen to the Kid Kenobi remix of Black and White and connect with Kid Kenobi.

Who loves Kid Kenobi? We all do. Image: Supplied

Emerging Artist of the Week

In the music industry for some time under other monikers including Dubarray, Raw Ordio is Brett Gadenne's latest DJ project.

From the Sunshine Coast, Raw Ordio brings together electronic bass driven grooves with live and improvised musicianship by the amazingly talented Andy V on Sax and Keys, and Damian Campbell on Percussion.

'Come with me now' is the debut single of Raw Ordio and is an infectious and funky track with an energy that will definitely help rid you of post elements blues.

Raw Ordio bringing the groove. Image: Brett Gadenne

Make sure you support the Track of the Week and Emerging Artist of the Week via the links below.

SLUMBERJACK's 'Vision' was the listener's pick this week, requested by Shane B from the Gold Coast, thanks for the request legend! What a weapon of a track and great way to kick off the show. Once again enforcing for me how great the listener's pick is. So get requesting now! Similarly, if you're an artist who would like to feature, keep on sending through those tracks. It's like Christmas morning every time I open my emails to a new music submission or request. To contact me for any or all of the above, just click here.

So, I promised you two solutions to your post elements blues, so here's the second. Lab Leaked Beats is hosting their inaugral event this Saturday, 22 October at Murwillumbah Golf Course. The lineup features not one, but two EMA featured artists - Taglo and Native Dog and should be a really great way to dance any FOMO / post elemental blues away. For more details about the event, check out this news post.

If you don't care about details, and just want tickets, you can get them here and be sure to plug in code EMA at checkout for a cheeky discount, thanks to the team at Lab Leaked Beats.

The next episode of Electronic Music Australia airs on 105.7 Radio Metro on Tuesday at 11pm AEST. A big thank you to those of you who have reached out to let me know you're enjoying the new time. You can listen to past episodes of EMA on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and (some) on YouTube. Check out the EMA Spotify playlist below if you'd like to stream the tracks from the show.

Hope to see you on the dance floor,

Ky Mi x

  1. SLUMBERJACK – Vision (feat. Josh Pan)

  2. Ember – Wait (Extended Mix)

  3. Glenn Molloy - Downward Spiral (Lime Sieker & John Baptiste Remix)

  4. Phetsta, ShockOne – The Sun (Original Mix)

  5. Cristian Fascelli – Black and White (Kid Kenobi Remix)

  6. Joey Tuckshop - Plane to Em

  7. L D R U - The Excuse (LO'99 Extended Dub Remix)

  8. Tom Budin - I Like That (Instrumental Mix) [Maison Mono].wav

  9. Jux Jax – Haus Party

  10. Wongo – Blip (Extended Club Mix)

  11. Raw Ordio – Come With Me Now

  12. Pitch Black – Exodus (Version) pitchblacknz

  13. The Safety Word – Vanity Life



Kid Kenobi

Raw Ordio


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