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Sound Healing

Electronic Music Australia ep.14 aired 6 June 2022

A radio show host has one very important tool - his / her voice. Mine is still husky this week due to this clingon flu that so many people seem to be suffering through at the moment. What better way to recover from the lurgie than with some quality Australian electronic music?

This week's episode kicks off with Petrichor Project's 'Stuck in a Dream'. This track samples the incredible vocals from 'Bottom of the Sea' by Dhruva Ailman and builds into a really slick groove with an irresistable bassline. Glenn (Petrichor Project) is busy in the studio creating a multigenre album that I personally cannot wait for. Keep your ear out for more Petrichor Project in upcoming episodes of EMA.

Mild mannered school teacher by day, minimal tech wizard by night, Somersault (Jim Milson) is an absolute weapon on the decks as well as an incredible producer. His track 'The Upsetter' featured this week right after the Listener's pick which was 'No Place' from Rufus Du Sol. Rufus Du Sol is bound to cure whatever ails ya! Thanks for the request @lock_sequence on the 'gram. I want to know your favourite Aussie electronic tune - new or old, or even one you've heard on the show! You can request them via the EMA socials or here.

Listen to EMA episode 14 here, on Mixcloud or YouTube (I have a fair amount of trouble with YouTube blocking the shows so I would appreciate your support on the other platforms as much as possible)

It was an exciting weekend on the Cold Coast, I mean Gold Coast with plenty of gigs featuring EMA artists. Thursday night we caught Aaska (episode 7) for his debut set at elsewhere, he brought the vibes as expected to an enthusiastic dancefloor.

After enjoying a number of gigs across Thailand, Bri and Si (episode 4) returned to home soil over the weekend to play at Saturday Social along with Graham Dunn (episode 8 and 13). This is a really unique event because not only is it free, it's also family friendly and there's a major emphasis on quality, underground music. If you're in the area, definitely show your support for this event. It's not easy putting on an event, least of all a free one. Speaking of free and underground music, Simon from Bri & Si and Graham Dunn will both be at Gold Coast local favourite Caffeine Kings on Friday night.

Bri & Si always deliver an eclectic performance (Image supplied by Saturday Social)

James Pepper (episode 13) killed it on Saturday night with an upbeat and driving set that worked its way into some real club classics as well as a a surprising addition of GANGgajang's 1985 iconic Aussie track 'Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)'. There seems to be a resurgence of repackaged 80's and 90's music at the moment, I'm reserving judgement at this point, but it will be interesting to see where it goes.

If you are a producer and you would like to be featured on the show, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me here. Electronic Music Australia airs every Monday on 105.7 Radio Metro at 3 am AEST. You can listen to EMA episode 10 on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Until next time!

Ky Mi x

  1. Petrichor Project – Stuck in a Dream

  2. Confidence Man - Holiday

  3. Rufus Du Sol - No Place

  4. Somersault - The Upsetter

  5. Pendulum (Melb) - Coma (Vicious Mix)

  6. Skin on Skin - A2

  7. Sharmonic - Digitally Obsessed

  8. suki -forest life

  9. CR33KY - Blacklight

  10. Match Fixer - Smile II


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