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Happy Birthday Electronic Music Australia!

Episode 52 of Electronic Music Australia aired on 28 March 2023

Electronic Music Australia has been created to put the spotlight on Australian artists across all electronic music genres, past, present, and beyond. Whether showcasing the hottest up-and-coming club bangers, or remembering the tracks that bring back hazy memories of nights on sweaty dance floors, Electronic Music Australia aims to deliver a range of sounds including Indie Dance, House and DnB, all the way down to the depths of the underground.

This is an excerpt from the first ever blog post for episode one of Electronic Music Australia waaay back 52 episodes ago! The basic concept remains unchanged over the past 52 episodes. I've tested a few different formats for the show over the time, and I welcome your feedback and suggestions. I can only say thank you for being a part of the journey with me while I bumble my way along. I've got no backgound in radio or media for that matter. I'm actually a veterinarian by trade, working in industry (off the tools at the moment). My employer offers a program for staff where they give you a paid day off and $100 to do something they want to do. I realised I hadn't used my allocation of this perk back in 2021 and was scrolling instagram when I saw a post for the Radio Metro radio school which at that time was $99. I thought it was kismet, that it would be fun and as I do some public speaking for my job, that it could be beneficial from that perspective as well. What I didn't anticipate was being on air on the Friday Brunch Show just a couple of weeks after the radio school. Which I still do, if you would like to hear me talk on Fridays tune in from 11am. Some eight or so months later, I was pitching the idea for Electronic Music Australia to the station and the rest, as they say, is history.

Listen to EMA episode 52 here, on Rumble or on YouTube

For the 52nd episode I had wanted to pick out my favourite song from each episode, which of course wouldn't have worked because it's too hard to pick just one song from each episode, plus 51 tracks would be around four hours of music and we just didn't have that much time. So instead I went for tracks from a bunch of artists who have featured on the show with interviews or guest mixes. Exceptions include Barney In The Tunnel, who I added in because their track 'Egg of Sunday' was the very first track, on the very first episode of EMA. This time I included their tune 'Once More For The Last Time'. You can catch Tunnel Signs (Ash Moses), half of Barney In The Tunnel on the Gold Coast on April 29 for the Sorta Kinda Music presents Club Cactus Vol.2 Launch Party that EMA is proudly supporting. Which means you can catch me somewhere on the dance floor or alternatively stuffing my face with delicious food at the amazing venue Hidden Cherub. Either way, it's going to be a fantastic afternoon and evening of fun times and great music. But I digress! The other exception is Kid Kenobi, who is simply a legend and so his track 'Rock the Funky Beats' got a spin in episode 52.

I've been so fortunate to chat with What So Not, YZMIHK, Daniel Cuda, Joey Tuckshop, Mixed Methods, Ben Renna, Damo Cox, For Life and Husky. I get really nervous every time, so thanks everyone for putting up with my awkwardness. I suppose something I didn't think about when I started Electronic Music Australia was the community that has started to grow around it, and getting to know artists as well as connecting artists with one another has been a lovely side effect. I hope that it can continue to grow. I would also be very open to embracing music loving people who might like to get involved with Electronic Music Australia, whether in a music journalism capacity, social media assistance or scouting for tunes.

Thanks to everyone who has been on the show, and a huge thank you to you for reading / listening. Without you, this wouldn't exist because I would have definitely given and gone back to having things like weekends and days off. So thank you for 52 episodes of EMA. I would love your feedback / input about Electronic Music Australia so that I can improve it, so hit me up on socials or via the contact page.

Now blow the candle out my dear and make your wish come true...

Ky Mi x


  1. What So Not, AY AY - Anomaly (Original.Mix)

  2. YZMIHK & MUDGUMBO – Everything

  3. Skitzoid – Accumulate

  4. Daniel Cuda – Whirlpool

  5. Joey Tuckshop - Old Walk

  6. Damo Cox – Spoil Me

  7. Barney In The Tunnel - Once More For The Last Time

  8. Kid Kenobi – Rock the Funky Beats

  9. Mixed Methods Ft Slick Dickerson- Beat (Extended Mix)

  10. Andre Espeut, Martina.Budde – Brand New Love (Husky's Extended Club Mix)

  11. Tom Budin, Ben Renna, Tom Fuble – Flying Again (Ben Renna Remix)

  12. For Life – Get Like That


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